A Research-Driven Approach

  • Investment decision process revolves around rigorous valuation analysis simply explained in 50+ page investment memos
  • Investment team engages in discussion and debate. Thesis is continuously tested in dialogue with members of 10T’s global network - analysts, portfolio managers and company leadership
  • Sector focus breakdown of universe of investable companies acts as roadmap in portfolio construction
  • Assessment of where business fits in and how it is sized for the overall portfolio becomes paramount in the decision-making process

Sourcing as 10T Key Focus

  • Broad network that cuts across traditional financial markets, banking, OG crypto, VC and existing DAE entrepreneurs
  • Flexibility in doing primary and secondary rounds – a “go anywhere” mentality

Rigorous Qualification and Investment Execution

  • Companies ranked on 40 criteria - the scoring approach reflects a macro and micro view on the business
  • 10T maintains price discipline to ensure that upside is captured while protecting against downside risk
  • Investment team works closely with legal, tax, accounting, and regulatory advisors to due diligence the target companies